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WOC Staffel - Nachtrag

Bei dem Staffelbewerb zum Abschluss der WM erreichten die Herren den ausgezeichneten 12. Rang, die Damen mit Startläuferin Ursula Kadan den 16. Platz


Bericht ÖFOL



Hier noch ein kleiner Bericht über Karin Leonhardt im "Daily O" Magazin (19 Juli, Seite 13)

When Austrian runner Karin Leonhardt
heard of the WOC 2012 development
clinic, aiming at inviting athletes from
small orienteering nations to participate
in the competitions, she didn’t
hesitate much and contacted the organizers
to offer herself as a coach. «I
did an education as sport psychologist
and thought it would be an interesting
experience», she tells. So here she is
– supporting athletes from Macedonia,
Korea, Greece, Brazil, Moldavia, Serbia,
Argentina, Kyrgyzstan and Kenya,
who otherwise wouldn’t have any
trainer staff to look after them. Swiss
Ursula Häusermann shares the spot
with her.
Regional clubs participated financially
in the adventure, and two athletes per
country were invited to WOC 2012.
Some of them sent more runners on
own costs. «The range of athletes is
very large», Karin explains. «It goes
from athletes who almost qualified for
the finals to people who finish overtime
». The needs are accordingly diverse.
«We are teaching them some
technical basics. For example the differences
between a sprint map and a
forest map, or the fact that different
colors on the bib numbers indicate different
heats. These are things that appear
so logical to us, but it is in such
situations that you realise that there
are indeed not that easy», Karin explains.
She herself ran three WOC for
the Austrian team in Czech Republic,
Hungary and Norway and just returned
two weeks ago from the Student World
Orienteering Championships 2012 in
Spain. «But there are also athletes
who already participated in WOC earlier.
There is not much we have to do
for them», she adds.
Two days of trainings were organized
by the IOF prior to WOC 2012, where
the athletes were also taught about
the organization of races and trainings,
in order to bring this knowledge
back to their home country. Throughout
the days, the team became more
and more united, despite the diversity
of their background. «Not all of them
speak English, but the atmosphere is
really great», Karin says. She insists
on the fact that Ursula Häusermann
and her avoid to coach the athletes
too much. «They have to learn it by
themselves», she thinks. «We are
mostly watching that they get to the
right place on time, for example to the
opening ceremony, quarantine zones,
starts, team leader’s meetings...». Karin
noticed differences between the
priority of «her» athletes of the week
and the ones she’s usually surrounded
by. «They care much more about representation.
It is very important for
them that their country is present and
that they can show it». In this regard,
the opening ceremony was particularly
Karin Leonhardt clearly enjoys her job
– even so more when her athletes accomplish
little feats which make them
feel on cloud nine, even though they
might go unnoticed from the public.
During the spring qualification, a
Serbian runner finished only about 3
minutes behind the winner of her heat,
Swede Helena Jansson. «She was just
so happy and incredibly proud. And I
was so happy for her too!»

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